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Welcome to Liveable City

Liveable City is a non-profit company championing the ideals of sustainable urban development and inclusive transport and mobility systems to create safer, healthier, and more liveable cities which improve people’s lives.

Liveable City is all about improving the way we experience and navigate our cities, creating cities designed for people first. That means we focus a lot on the need for both adequate infrastructure, public policy, and social awareness to create safe, efficient transport systems that benefit pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Click here to find out more.

Liveable City also believes that real change happens not only when we change how our cities are planned, but by mobilising communities to create change at a local level. Through working together, we can improve our city street by street.

Observe your world with Map My City

Map My City is an open data collection and visualisation tool which allows planners and members of the public to record and monitor key trends in mobility and safety.


Become a part of the Map My City project by logging traffic incidents, dangerous infrastructure, and other key issues affecting mobility, safety, and the quality of life in your neighbourhood.

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Liveable City brings together experts from various sectors to contribute to our blog on issues including urban development, inclusive mobility systems, improving liveability in our towns and cities, community development, and many other issues.

Liveable City also provides updates of key initiatives and infrastructure projects relating to urban development and mobility, making sure that no poorly designed initiative goes unnoticed, and that all positive developments are celebrated.

Lastly, Liveable City presents the latest news in the realm of urban development and inclusive mobility from around the world.

Knowledge is power!

Liveable City is active in undertaking surveys and gathering data relating to perceptions of safety across our transport system, perceptions of public transport, cycling, and pedestrian infrastructure, data on cycling, and data on impacts and effects resulting from infrastructure developments.


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