Liveable City is a non-profit company with the goal of making our cities better places for all who call it home by championing the ideals of sustainable urban development, connected communities, and safe & accessible transport systems and infrastructure.

To achieve this goal, we are assembling a team of stakeholders involved in the planning and design of our city to collaborate towards identifying critical challenges and putting forward practical solutions to enable our cities to function better for all.

Critical issues Liveable City will focus on:

The core focus of Liveable City is to address how we move around our cities. Mobility is a key factor in the liveability of any city. The degree to which we can move safely, efficiently, and enjoyably around our urban spaces has a major impact on our experience of our cities, towns, and suburbs.

Viewing urban design and community well-being through the lens of mobility opens up discussions about numerous other factors such as settlement planning, service delivery, economic development, education accessibility,  and more.

The list below shows just some of the issues Liveable City will address:

  • Urban mobility
  • Public transport
  • Transport safety
  • Promotion of cycling and cycling infrastructure
  • Pedestrian safety and promotion of walkability in planning
  • Community development
  • Urban design & architecture
  • Spatial and settlement planning
  • Accessibility
  • Economic development
  • Service delivery

So what does Liveable City do?

Liveable City is here to start discussions, aid in research, and make positive contributions for the betterment of our cities and communities. Below are some of the practical ways in which Liveable City aims to change the way our cities are designed.

Platform for Collaboration

Liveable City provides a platform for professionals in the realm of infrastructure design, urban planning, transport system design, as well as individuals and entities active in promoting improved urban mobility and safety to network and collaborate.

Through this platform, all role players have an opportunity to share ideas and perspectives on sustainable urban development and mobility. The platform also allows for individuals from different sectors and backgrounds to share their respective challenges. Through this platform it is hoped that professionals in the urban design realm can develop a better understanding of what it takes to develop a Liveable City, and that practical solutions can be identified for the problems faced by our cities, suburbs, and streets.

Map My City

One of the things Liveable City is most proud to present is the Map My City initiative. The initiative will allow the general public to contribute to a growing data set of information on a host of traffic and transport related items affecting the ‘liveability’ of our cities.

Key to the success of the Map My City initiative is input from the general public. By working together we can gather data at an incredible rate and quickly identify problems. The goal of Liveable City is to use this information as a powerful communication tool to lobby for key role-players in urban-design and transport infrastructure to design, upgrade, and construct better infrastructure to make our city a safer and more enjoyable place to live.

At the outset, Map My City will showcase important data such as:

  • Number of pedestrian, cycling, and motor vehicle related traffic incidents
  • Location and information on poorly designed / unsafe road infrastructure affecting all road users.
  • Highlight ongoing infrastructure development projects, with a view to monitoring impact on mobility and safety.
  • Showcase key landmarks such as schools and hospitals in order to put road design and traffic management initiatives into perspective
  • Show results of traffic surveys including numbers of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists on major mobility routes within the city.

Liveability & Mobility Surveys

Liveable City is active in undertaking surveys and gathering data relating to perceptions of safety across our transport system, perceptions of public transport, cycling, and pedestrian infrastructure, data on cycling, and data on impacts and effects resulting from infrastructure developments. The three major areas Liveable City will focus on are:

  • Community Surveys
  • Traffic Surveys
  • School Surveys
  • Business Surveys

Liveable City Blog

Liveable City brings together experts from various sectors to contribute to our blog on issues including urban development, inclusive mobility systems, improving liveability in our towns and cities, community development, and many other issues.

Liveable City also provides updates of key initiatives and infrastructure projects relating to urban development and mobility, making sure that no poorly designed initiative goes unnoticed, and that all positive developments are celebrated. Lastly, Liveable City presents the latest news in the realm of urban development and inclusive mobility from around the world.

Sustainable Development & Mobility Consulting

Liveable City stands ready to work with all stakeholders involved in infrastructure development as well as the design of mobility initiatives, to ensure that projects consider all of the potential impacts on society, and have the maximum potential impact on improving the liveability of our cities.

Liveable City also provides services catering to businesses, schools, and other organisations looking at improving the accessibility of their properties, improving the infrastructure for cyclists, and designing systems and programmes which promote active transportation (walking and cycling) and the use of public transport