What is Liveable City ?

Liveable City is all about improving the way we experience and navigate our cities, creating cities designed for people first. That means we focus a lot on the need for both adequate infrastructure, public policy, and social awareness to create safe, efficient transport systems that benefit pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Click here to find out more.

Liveable City also believes that real change happens not only when we change how our cities are planned, but by mobilising communities to create change at a local level. Through working together, we can improve our city street by street.

Meet the Team

Liveable City has wonderful team of talented individuals working behind the scenes to help make our vision a reality. Click here to meet the team.

Our Amazing Partners

None of this would be possible without the guidance, wisdom, and invaluable input from some of the leading figures in transport planning, urban-design, civil engineering, architecture, environmentalists, and a host of other experts in fields related to shaping the world around us. Click here to see our amazing working partners.

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