What is Liveable City

Putting People First

We believe that cities should be designed for people first. Cars are great, but they are only one of many tools we can use to get around. Across the world we are seeing leading cities realize that we’ve been building cities for cars for decades, and forgot that for a city to operate efficiently and be a nice place to live and work that it needs to be put people first.

Communities for Change

Liveable City supports and encourages the development of strong community organisations and working groups. We believe that real change starts at street level, and that we don’t have to wait for our government or our municipalities. Working together, we can all do our part to create a better city, and better community.

Biking is Better

For decades cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam have known that the most efficient way to move people around a city is by bicycle. Now more and more major cities are investing in cycling infrastructure to improve urban mobility. Cycling is cheap, it’s healthy, and over short distances very fast.

Walkability Matters

A city where you can get anywhere with ease without the use of a car is a great place to live. Across the world major cities are realizing the benefits of improving pedestrian infrastructure, from improved health of citizens to increased opportunities for businesses, and better social cohesion.

Map My City

Map My City is a revolutionary tool that allows local residents to map traffic incidents, whether involving cars, pedestrians, or cyclists. Map My City displays this information to highlight where interventions are most needed, and hopefully track progress over time. It also allows residents to alert us as to where infrastructure is most required. From reporting pot-holes to identifying unsafe road designs Map My City allows you to participate in improving our cities.