Meet the Team

Grant Hancock

Managing Director

Grant is an economist with 7 years of experience in the realm of economic development with significant experience working on urban regeneration, spatial planning, and economic development projects. Grant is managing director of RAMP Economics, a specialist economic and business development advisory firm. Grant has an Honours Degree in Economics and a Bachelors degree in Economics and Business Management from NMU.

“I’m passionate about improving the design of our cities to provide environments conducive to the growth of cycling, make our cities more walkable, and improve road safety and transit experiences for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.”

Keegan Jeppesen

GIS & Mapping Specialist

Keegan provides a unique set of skills and talents allowing Liveable City to better understand and visualise the challenges and opportunities to make our cities more liveable.

“I believe that all cities need to be open and easily accessible for their citizens. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists should share a well planned space and should not be at odds with each other. An effectively designed city will increase its economic contribution to society and has the potential to decrease inequality. In South Africa a history of exclusion and division has left numerous parts of the city disconnected and isolated. Effective planning is needed to address these issues and bring all people into the city.”

Robert Zeelie

Digital Content Manager

Robert helps us maintain our Liveable City website, and is assisting with the development of our feature services such as Map My City. Robert is currently studying computer science and is applying what he learns to help make Liveable City even better.

Robert is also a key part of our operational team, providing his unique perspective as a person with limited mobility. Robert was involved in a car accident resulting in partial paralysis. Not letting this get him down, Robert has continued to live life to the fullest. His zest for life and positive attitude continue to inspire anyone who meets him.

Marilyn Hancock

Finance & Administration

Marilyn brings over 30 years of experience in business administration and financial management, ensuring Liveable City is run efficiently and allowing our team to do their best work.

Deidre Burger

Board Member

Deidre has been a trusted advisor and helping hand from the start of Liveable City. Deidre is presently the manager of Cheshire Homes Summerstrand and brings years of experience in working with people with disabilities and representing their needs.