Urban Dynamics is a multi-disciplinary professional services company offering its private and public clients a comprehensive range of professional consulting services. The company was founded in 1986 during the time of profound political change in South Africa. As result of this context, and in response to the need for Reconstruction and Development, Urban Dynamics became the first development planning consultancy to focus its projects on participative social upliftment. The company is structured to provide unique services to government based on integrated planning, service provision and accountability.

Urban Dynamics is recognized as a leader in the field of developmental planning. Our holistic approach and innovative thinking contributes towards development and delivering relevant and innovative planning solutions. Our primary focus to address South Africa’s changing needs, lays the foundation for cohesive and socially acceptable development that enhances growth, prosperity and an improved quality of life.

The uncompromising approach of Urban Dynamics in effectively managing its projects makes the Company capable of expediting major development projects in all its spheres of specialization, from inception of a project to its successful completion.

Professional Services Provided

The company is structured into a number of specialized services divisions. These broad divisions and services provided are:

  • Township Establishment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Programme Management
  • Housing Development (Sustainable Integrated Human Settlement Development)
  • Support Services

Visit: https://www.urbandynamics.co.za/