LC Hoop Racks

LC Hoop Racks

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The  LC Hoop Rack’s tried and trusted design provides the the perfect bike parking solution. Hoop style designs have been favoured around the world for years for their simplicity, sturdy design, and functionality. The benefits of the hoop rack include:

Strong and stable design means the hoop rack will take even the toughest punishment.

The simplicity of the design means anyone can use it effecitively

The hoop rack allows for two points of contact, meaning your bike will never fall or slip and get damaged

The design allows for bikes to be easily secured with a number of different lock types. It also allows for two points to lock bike, allowing you to secure both wheels as well as the frame.

Space saving
The rack allows for compact storage of bikes, allowing for over 10 bikes to be stored in a space the size of one car parking bay.

Other bike racks offer many of the same benefits, but none offer the same versatility. The LC Hoop Rack allows for bicycles of all shapes and sizes to be safely secured including: Children’s bikes, mountain bikes, tricycles, mobility scooters, cargo bikes, and more.

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    • Free consultation for design and installation of bike parking area, ensuring adequate accessibility, visibility, and safety.
    • Discounts available for orders of multiple racks
    • 1-Year free membership as a certified “Cycling Friendly” destination as part of Liveable City’s ‘Cycling Friendly City’ programme.
    • Made from high strength tubular steel
    • Powder coated to ensure an attractive, durable finish
    • Installed with high strength materials to ensure strength and to increase theft resistance
    • Hoop racks anchored individually or onto common rail.
    • Free installation within Nelson Mandela Bay
    • Each hoop rack can accommodate 2 bikes (minimum)
    • 6 bike rack = 1.75 metres
    • 10 bike rack = 3.4 metres